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This set is the perfect accompaniment for children as they embark on their school journey. Whether they are starting school next year, or they've already started, this pack contains loads of simple activities that they can do at home to have fun and support their learning.  

It's been designed by an experienced teacher and mum of three and includes games and activities to help children academically, socially and physically, as well as ideas to teach essential life skills such as telling the time, tying shoelaces and learning their address and phone number.    

Also includes: 

* A milestone guide for children aged 4 to 5

* Activities designed to cover a broad range of subject areas linked to the Early Years Curriculum including: communication and language development, physical, personal, social and emotional development, literacy, mathematics, understanding the world and expressive arts and design

* 'Did you know' sections sharing relevant and useful research findings about this age range
* No pressure learning opportunities that are designed to be repeated again and again

RRP £14.99      Wholesale Price £6.50     Min Qty 3

4-5 Years Activity Packs

SKU: 5070000990989
  • Each set comprises 30 double-sided A6-size cards, 27 of which feature activity ideas (many with multiple ideas per card).

    Every set of cards is supplied in a glossy cardboard tuck box (top opening) with the colour matching that of the internal cards.

    The cards and box are made from recyclable cardboard.

    The cards have a playing card style coating to ensure they are wipe-clean and hard-wearing.

    The dimensions of a pack is 11 × 15 × 1.5 cm

    One pack weighs 165g


    Hanging tabs can be provided for display if required.

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